About Us

A group of professionals who believe in the power of teamwork and who love to work in synergy with clients, making their goals our own and pursuing these with commitment, passion and creativity.

Thanks to decades of experience, we have developed a flexible methodology that adapts to every event, but which remains steadfast in some fundamental respects: a director is chosen for each project who monitors and facilitates the work and becomes the single point of contact for the client. The director is responsible for providing the client with constant updates, checking that the budget is adhered to and intervening should something unexpected occur.


Quality and Code of Ethics

Certification No. 50 100 11485 – TUV Italy testifies our commitment to those who work and have relations with Event Planet.

Event Planet operates according to ethical principles, with transparency and in full respect of the regulations and the work of its suppliers and their representatives. Guaranteeing these standards allows us to respect behavioural models inspired by autonomy, integrity and ethics.


Green Events

Consistent with the decision to operate along a path of environmental eco-sustainability, we undertake to constantly increase the sustainability of our events, starting with maximally reducing waste and utilising materials with low environmental impact.

The Team

Competency, creativity, professionalism: a group of different people with one single goal.